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Move Against The Tough Time.

The international economy has been greatly influenced by Covid-19 in 2020, while China has made its great contribution to the world for its good control of Covid-19 and steady economic growth. Yebio, as a China leading poultry vaccine and disease prevention solution supplier, also witnessed steady growth of its sales volume, there was over 10% year on year growth over 2019, which will definitely leading the poultry vaccine industry in China like in the last decade.

Covid-19 also has great influence on the international freight, concerning with the availability and price of international air and sea transportation.  Yebio tries to avail any kind of transport method to cater the demand of the international customer and the first shipment was effect by reefer container on 11th Jan. 2021.

The outside nature temperature is low, while the internal enthusiasm for the product and service for the customer is high.

This is the hard time for animal husbandry industry, Yebio will join together with our customer to fight against the pandemic disease and provide safeguard to this industry.  

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