Quality Control Center

The Quality Control Center was founded in 1999, with a total floor area of about 2,600 square meters, including 55 different functional rooms such as sterility test room, bacterial test room, chemical test room and PCR test room.  

Equipped with more than 300 sets of testing equipment, including biosafety cabinet, PCR thermal cycler, protein imaging system, UV-visible spectrophotometer, gas chromatograph, etc. The laboratory layout is reasonable, the facilities and equipment are sufficient to meet the test requirements of animal biological products. 

  • 1999
    Established in
  • 2600
    Total floor area
  • 55
    Functional rooms
  • 300+ sets
    Test equipment
Validated innovation, inspection and evaluation system

The Quality Control Center has a high-level professional technical team with a clear personnel structure. There are 70 members of management personnel and technical personnel, including 1 senior title, 20 intermediate title, 19 junior title, with degree composition of 1 doctor, 20 master, 38 undergraduate, 11 junior college.

Craftsmen keep craftsmanship cut off one percent mistake through the closed loop control

Yebio Laboratory Animal Center is an integrated laboratory animal organization for rearing management, quality tests, animal science and technology service, which is one of the largest test laboratory animal center licensed by the Department of Science & Technology of Shandong Province. The laboratory Animal Center now possesses two internationally advanced laboratory animal center buildings, with a floor area of more than 11,500 square meters, including more than 3,500 square meters of negative pressure area. It is divided into 10 functional zones, including efficacy test zone, safety test zone, immunity test zone, challenge test zone and product production zone, and can provide full services of animal experiments including the speices of chicken, duck, rabbit, mouse, guinea pig, pig, sheep, dog, cat and other animals of SPF level, clean level and conventional level.

  • 10
    Functional zones
  • 300 +
    Negative-pressure isolaters
  • 90 +
    Stainless iron frame cages
  • 30  sets
    Decontamination equipment