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Global Links and Brilliant Results -- YEBIO made a stage pose on VIV ASIA

On March 13-15, Yebio attended the VIV Asia 2019 in Bangkok, Thailand. VIV Asia is a unique meeting, including global market leaders and regional as well as national Asian players of growing importance. Yebio, as one of the 1250 international exhibitors, showed its excellent products and professional services to the friends all over the world.

EASY Selection, EASY Protection. With the continuous research and development, Yebio keep launching new products according to the predominant strains which have been associated with recent outbreaksworldwide. YemuneTM G7, a recombinant vaccine of genotype Ⅶ Newcastle disease, could not only offer clinical protection, but also decrease the virus shedding by 10-100 times compared with traditional ND La Sota vaccine. YemuneTM IBD  subunit vaccine series and YevaxTM PCV2 subunit vaccine show great safety  without the risk of virus transmission or infection, and enjoy a good reputation in the market. YefluTM AI vaccine remains one of the most significant productswith the yearly sale of over 5000 million doses.

Global Links, Brilliant Results. Yebio booth attracted visitors from over 30 countries during the exhibition, which coversfrom south  east Asia, middle east, north Africa, and east Europe. And also, some of them has reached cooperation. At present,Qingdao YEBIO products have been exported to countries of Vietnam, Cambodia, Egypt, Pakistan and Myanmar.

From YEBIO, For the WORLD. Yebio will continue to make efforts and inject new motive force for the industry by way of new ideas. new technology, new products and new services to assist the world husbandry prosperity.

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