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Yemune IBD subunit

Inactivated Vaccine of Subunit Infectious Bursal Disease

Inactivated Vaccine of Subunit Infectious Bursal Disease

Description: This vaccine contains VP2 protein, which is cloned from the wild strain of Infectious Bursal Disease Virus and expressed by E.coli.

This vaccine contains high quantity of protective VP2 antigen and can be used to vaccinate the bird at early age to replace application of live IBD vaccine, thus greatly reduce immunosuppression and potentiate the performance of other vaccine.

Function and Application: This vaccine is used to prevent chicken Infectious Bursal Disease.

Administration and Dosage: Subcutaneous injection in neck or intramuscular injection.

Chicks between 1-3 weeks old, 0.25ml/bird; for breeder layer, vaccinate 2 weeks before onset of laying, 0.5ml/bird.

Storage: 2-8℃.

Package: 250ml, 500ml.

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