About us

About us

Yebio Bioengineering Co.,Ltd of Qingdao, a company specially engaged in veterinary bio-products, is dedicated to supply the customers with high quality products and good service in animal disease diagnostic, prevention and treatment.

Originated from the poultry disease research department of China Animal Health and Epidemiology Center (CAHEC, MOA), the top management team of Yebio is mainly from the experts of that department, and CAHEC is the controlling share holder from very beginning. 

From its establishment, the company has been focusing on the customer demand, following the trend of technology renovation in research and development, focusing on products and quality. After about two decades of development, it has become the first brand for poultry vaccine in China.




Boasted to possess the State Key Lab (SKL) of animal gene engineering vaccine, the only one in the animal vaccine field in China. Yebio company has commercialized gene engineering reverse genetic vaccine like Avian Influenza, Genotype VII Newcastle Disease vaccine; gene engineering subunit vaccine of IBD, PCV2, CSF. More and more new products will be available from this Lab. 

As a newly established company, Yebio avails the chance to apply the latest technology and equipments, together with the detailed quality management procedures and measures. The quality from Yebio is stable and reliable, which can represent the new era of Made in China in veterinary bio-products industry. The company plays an important role in animal vaccine production especially poultry vaccine in China.

Now, a China leading animal vaccine producer emerges in the industry!