Good vaccine practice(GVP)-Download

Good Vaccination Practices (GVP) is written by Yebio Bioengineering Co., Ltd of Qingdao, under the management of Dr. Du Yuanzhang, CEO of the Yebio. It is a scientific management standard system for ensuring effective vaccination of poultry vaccines in a whole process of poultry vaccination. It is the basic guideline on quality management and vaccination of poultry vaccines. It is the operating standard for the process from pre-vaccination preparation to inoculation to post-vaccination evaluation. It is a standard system for ensuring safe, effective and standardized inoculation of poultry vaccines.


GVP covers all aspects of vaccination, including vaccine receipt, warehouse management, storage and transportation, immunization team management, bio-safety management, chicken health assessment, use of immune equipment, equipment maintenance and management, the operation of different immunization methods, immunological records and assessments, etc.


The company that uses the poultry vaccine can set up the GVP operation system according to the GVP organization structure. The head of the farming department will serve as the director of the GVP office, and set up the immunization team, the quality supervision department, the logistics support department, etc. The relevant personnel in the system implement the immunization work based on the GVP management system and immunization SOP. This can effectively improve the quality of poultry vaccine inoculation, avoiding the immune side effects caused by improper immunization operations and immune failure, etc., Improve the economic benefits of the company directly or indirectly.

GVP is an important operating system for the prevention and control of disease in the farming enterprise. Qingdao Yebio is willing to guide farming enterprises to implement GVP, starting from the details and helping the healthy and long-term development of the farming industry.